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As Albatros team, we are pleased to contribute to the work of the Basic Needs Association (TIDER) by providing translation support.

TIDER, a non-profit organization, brings a broad perspective on food banking by offering concrete solutions in the fight against poverty and waste. As the one and only member of the Global Food Banking Network (GFN) in Turkey, it carries out extensive work together with local governments, non-governmental organizations and manufacturers to develop and spread food banking at international standards. Through its food banking network spread across different cities of Turkey, TIDER delivers food, cleaning products and clothing that are saved from being wasted or purchased with cash donations, acquired grants-funds to people and families living in poverty. Being aware that the needs of those living in poverty are not limited to the products provided by food banks, TIDER acts with the responsibility of expanding the area of use of food banks and spreading this model throughout Turkey.

Established in 1999, Albatros Ltd. provides translation and localization services to it customers.

The services provided by Albatros span a wide range from Information Technologies, Software and Hardware, Marketing, Sales to Financial and Legal Texts, Agreements, Mechanics and Automotive.

Albatros Ltd. continues to provide quality services to well-respected companies both in the country and abroad with its experience and expertise in the fields above.

Company Objective:

Executing high-quality, professional translation and localization projects needed in both local and international markets.

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