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Environmental Responsibility

As a result of our efforts for the compliance with the Social and Environmental Responsibilities, we moved our responsiveness to a different platform.

Our Social and Environmental Responsibilities basically involve the following goals:

Social Responsibilities

•  Employee Rights and Protection of these rights
•   Employees’ Health and Safety
•   Internal Ethical Values

Environmental Responsibilities
(Respect to and Protection of Environment)

•   Energy savings
•   Monitoring and reducing power usage
•   Monitoring and reducing water usage
•   Reducing CO2 emission

Waste management

Within the scope of such responsibilities, we completed all the required tasks in our company and established a management system in order to attain and sustain our goals.
We strongly recommend individuals and organizations working with us and having public awareness to adopt similar principles.

Thus, we believe that we will be able to meet our responsibilities – to a certain extent - for the environment in which we work.

We wish we could live in a community carrying social responsibilities and having respect for the environment.

Albatros Ltd.

Social and Environmental
Management System
Basic Principles and
Social and Environmental
Management Policy

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