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Our Services

Our Services:

The whole process typically called as “translation services” actually involves various stages which play a significant role on translation quality. Regardless of its scale, we handle each and every translation project following the basic steps below:

Translation of the text:
Language pair for our translation is mostly English-Turkish and vice versa. Translating in different language pairs require experience and expertise accordingly. Albatros team consists of translators with such experience and expertise.

Editing and Proofreading:
In order to ensure high level of quality, any translated text needs to be edited and checked by comparing source and target texts. This task is under the responsibility of proofreaders. Any translation errors and typos are fixed during this stage.

Quality Assessment:
The aim of these steps is to deliver a quality product. As Albatros, we ensure high level of quality through two steps.

Step 1: Begins with the planning process. Selection of source, scheduling, building and maintaining a management structure are the tasks to be completed in the first step.

Step 2: This step includes final linguistic and content review. In addition, the aspects below are taken into consideration:

• Grammar, spelling and punctuation
• Style
• Use of appropriate terminology
• Consistency (in terms of terminology and coherency)
• Correct use of content and ease of understanding

Localization and Test:
After the completion of translation and localization of an application software, various tests are conducted to determine whether the localized application run as designed or not. Custom applications are verified at test centers abroad. Testing and validation of products require deep and broad experience and expertise.

Desktop Publishing (DTP):
DTP applications enable translated texts to attain original format and quality, which requires depth of experience and expertise.

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